Recent Ribbon Cuttings

BNI Mining for Business

In May, BNI Mining for Business had an event called, Business for Breakfast.  They invited local businesses to attend their meeting to see what BNI was all about.  BNI is an International network with local businesses in each chapter.  In addition, they joined the chamber to increase our awareness and had a ribbon cutting that day for the organization.

BNI Mining for Business been around locally since 2014.  The group started small with about 4 to 5 members that grew it up to 35 or so.  It’s been up and down, membership Is around 15 now.  The great thing about BNI is that it’s a weekly networking meeting with the whole purpose of giving referrals to others.  And in return your business will be given referrals.

If you have never been at a BNI meeting, you are missing out.  Since October, our group has given each other $36,614 in new business.  Our members report their closed business from referrals so that number is higher.  “Our guests are always impressed with our weekly presentations and referral/testamonial parts of the meeting,” said Trisha Peterson-Vice President of BNI Mining for Business.

Every week at our meeting each member gives a one-minute weekly presentation on their business which really educates our members to work for them.  It’s like having 15 plus more sales people working for you.  Plus, we give a testimonial or referrals each week.

We meet every Tuesday 7-8:30AM at the Masonic Lodge in Kingsford.  Check out for more information or we invite you to one of our meetings.  There is no other group that is structured and works like BNI does for your business.  It’s worth every penny for your membership and you lock out your competition.  Only one business per category is accepted for membership. If you have any questions, call Trisha Peterson, Vice President at 906-774-5731.

Pictured from the Left:  Joe Testolin-Ambassador, Greg Seibold-BNI, Tamara Juul-Ambassador, Teresa Schettler-Ambassador, Nelson Hassell-BNI, Dave Hakamaki-BNI, Ben Ryan-Ambassador, Jon Ellis-BNI, Trisha Peterson BNI VP, Jenny Behrmann-BNI, Anita Lyman-President BNI, Kim Webb-BNI, Marla Bradley-BNI, Suzane Larson-Ambassador, Ray King-Ambassador, Coewyn and Jen Rajala-BNI, James Cain-BNI, Lynda Zanon-Chamber





Galaxy Detailing

Galaxy Detailing was established in 2014 and is located at 212 Woodward Avenue in Iron Mountain.  Owned and operated by Troy LeFave, Galaxy specializes in exterior services such as hand wash and wax, exterior vinyl and rubber dressing, chrome polishing, and wheel well cleaning.  Interior services include hand washed surfaces and windows, vacuum and light stain removal, shampooing carpets, clean vinyl and leather seats, and dress interior vinyl or leather.  We also provide services for watercraft such as hand washing interior and exterior, buff and wax exterior, and vacuum carpets.  If you have a camper or RV that needs detailing, we can provide hand washed surfaces and windows, vacuuming and light stain removal, shampoo carpeting and upholstery and hand washing and waxing exterior.

Galaxy Detailing has been an opportunity for me to use my talents in cleaning and restoring beauty to vehicles, watercraft and campers.  I enjoy what I do and it gives me a sense of pride to see owners happy with the outcome I provide.  I am looking forward to watching my business grow so I can service more people in the community.

Pictured from the Left:    Lynda Zanon, Chamber Director, Ambassadors:  Ben Ryan, Teresa Schettler, (Bodhi-dog), Emily Vincent, Troy LaFave, Owner/Operator, Ray King, The Daily News, Ambassadors:  Patti Schneider and Joe Testolin.

North Country Web Design

North Country Website Design is a website design and social media marketing company owned and operated by Marla Bradley out of Crystal Falls, MI. North Country Website Design provides high quality websites at a price that all businesses and organizations can afford. They help small businesses create a custom-built website, mobile site, and social media pages that are distinctive and unique to just that business. When North Country Website Design creates a custom-built, responsive website for a business, that website is ONE OF A KIND! The websites are as unique as the business they belong to.

“Business owners need to realize that their design is a reflection of their business even if it is not intentional. If you don’t care about your design then your design is telling people that you don’t care about your business.” – MARCO SUAREZ

Marco wasn’t talking about website design in particular, but the quote is perfect for it. If you have a website and it hasn’t been updated in years, you are telling your customers that you haven’t updated your business in years. If you have a professional, up-to-date website, it will tell customers that you have a professional, well informed business. Make sure your website is a reflection of your business!

North Country Website Design charges approximately $550 for a simple, informational website with a custom, responsive design. This price also includes features such as web slide-shows, integrated social media, search engine optimization, and so much more. Most website design companies give estimates for the same website at $2,550-$5,100. North Country Website Design creates unique websites for small businesses and organizations for 1/4 of the cost of their competitors. That is why customers from all over the Midwest are having their websites created by North Country Website Design! Check out the custom design portfolio for yourself and see the difference a unique website can make at

If you are looking for a website that can be self-maintained, North Country Website Design also creates template-based websites such as WordPress and Weebly. Call Marla Bradley today to find out more about North Country Website Design at 906-367-5404.